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If it’s broke, call someone to fix it. Sometimes we try to fix things ourselves but it doesn’t turn out to well.  Don’t play when it comes to your electrical system. So, you have to know when it makes sense.


If you’re a home buyer then you need to know how critical the inspection component is of your home. You can’t skimp of quality when it comes to inspection.

Getting Home Improvements

If you’re  planning a major overhaul of your home then listen up. This will save a ton of money and put ahead of the game when it comes to getting a overall view of your homes safety and electrical components.

How To DIY

You can’t beat a seasoned veteran at spotting a problem. You may want to take a close look at work that was done in the home, if it was done by a non pros. To be worry from headaches simply get an electrical inspection and you should be good to go.


If Your House is a bit Aged


A couple decades can do a lot to the most sturdy of homes. As much as we would like, nothing last forever. This is true for all types of houses that are built with old build models and wiring models. The best way to deal with this is get a proper inspection.


If You didn’t get a proper Inspection before buying you could begin for an expensive bill that could have been avoided.

If you already purchased the home and didn’t go through the proper inspection you should call your local electrician immediately.  


After Storm Damage

Believe it or not, a bad storm can cause some serious damage to your electrical system.

A lot of people don’t think that this is possible but a bad enough storage could cause damages that you won’t be able to see but they’re definitely there.


If you want to learn more about your electrical system then you need to call Lion Electricians.


If a component of your electrical system fails, you might start experiencing problems out of the blue. And if you keep experiencing the same problem over and over, even if it’s something minor like light bulbs burning out too quickly, it could be a sign of a dangerous underlying issue. In either case, an electrical inspection is the proper way to find out what’s going on.

When Your Homeowners Insurance Company Requires It

Depending on your insurance company and policy, you may need to submit to periodic inspections of your electrical system and other home systems. If this is the case, you will probably also be required to promptly fix any problems that are discovered or risk having your policy canceled.

Scheduling an electrical inspection shouldn’t break the ban, but the repairs to the electrical system can protect your home from a fire or anything shorting.  If any of these circumstances apply to your home, call your your local Lion electricians today and schedule an inspection right away.

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